Saudi official gave death threat against UN’s Khashoggi investigator

A senior Saudi official gave a death threat to a UN Khashoggi investigator. 

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A senior Saudi official gave a death threat to a UN Khashoggi investigator. 

It was related to the murder investigation of journalist Jamal Khashoggi. The investigation was undertaken by a French Callamard, a human rights expert who will this month take on her new post as secretary-general of Amnesty International. He was the first to investigate the murder of Khashoggi in 2018.

He also declared of having a possession of 100-page report clarifying that the Saudi King and top officials were responsible for the killing. The Biden administration recalled the report and added Prince Muhammad an accomplice. The newly published report said that he approved the murder and was a major part of the plan. The claims in the report were not based on facts only but “credible evidence.” 

The alleged threats were made, she said, at a “high-level” meeting between Geneva-based Saudi diplomats, visiting Saudi officials, and UN officials in Geneva. The diplomat did not appreciate her work and alleged having ulterior motives for involving in the investigation. Moreover, she was accused of receiving money from Qatar in doing so. Callamard said that she will surely take care of her, imposing indirect threats. It is not the first time that she is facing death threats.

The development will probably bolster the view of human rights experts that Saudi Arabia’s government has acted with impunity in the wake of Khashoggi’s 2018 murder, including through arbitrary arrests of critics of the prince, as well as his potential political rivals.

The Saudi government did not respond to emailed requests for comment, which the Guardian sent to the Saudi foreign ministry, the Saudi embassy in London, and the Saudi embassy in Washington.