Sydney celebrates end of 107-day lockdown

Sydney is celebrating the end of 107- days of the lockdown.

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Sydney is celebrating the end of 107- days of the lockdown.

The Australians have now got freedom from four months of lockdown. People are now proceeding to pubs and discos for the party. Many others have been enjoying anticipated reunions and visits to the homes of relatives and friends.

The third wave of COVID has disrupted the economy and all such activities of daily routine. However, now the rounds of vaccinations have started and nay people have been vaccinated so far hence the government has now decided to lift the restriction.

People can now share meals at reopened cafes and restaurants, and visit gyms, libraries, and pools. There were long queues for barbers and nail salons on Monday. The Lord Gladstone Hotel, an inner-city pub, was doing a roaring lunch trade after months of limited trading and takeaway-only options.

Australia’s biggest city was allowed to exit lockdown after the state of New South Wales (NSW) reached a 70% double-dose vaccination target for over-16s. More restrictions will ease when 80% of over-16s are fully vaccinated. Currently, over 90% have received the first dose.

Sydney’s lockdown began in late June after a Delta variant outbreak took hold, leading to over 50,000 infections and 439 deaths so far. Authorities have flagged that Australians living abroad could travel back into Sydney next month, as the nation’s borders reopen.