Taliban ban protests and slogans without approval

Taliban has banned protests and slogans rose without their approval.

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Taliban has banned protests and slogans rose without their approval.

The Taliban has moved to tighten its crackdown on escalating protests against its rule. The recent protest by Afghan women against participation in sports has caused the Taliban to tighten the restrictions. No gathering will be allowed without the prior approval of the Taliban.

In the first decree issued by the hardline Islamist group’s new interior ministry, which is led by Sirajuddin Haqqani, who is wanted by the United States on terrorism charges, the Taliban warned opponents that they must secure permission before any protests or face “severe legal consequences”.

Despite of Taliban promises, it seems like the military group is turning back to the old rules. The group has pledged to safeguard minority and women’s rights to the maximum extent. However, now the situation seems to go in the opposite direction. Hundreds protested on Tuesday, both in the capital and in the city of Herat, where two people at the demonstration site were shot dead.

The prohibition on protests came amid evidence that the Taliban is rapidly consolidating its grip on power after its recent conquest of the last areas opposing it in the Panshjir Valley, north of Kabul. This is yet another violation of fundamental rights by the Taliban. 

Western community is all set to impose sanctions on the Taliban if it fails to comply with the pledges. Moreover, the group would not get legitimate recognition, thus facing governance difficulties.