Taliban leaders in bust-up at presidential palace

Taliban leaders have burst up into at presidential palace.

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Taliban leaders have burst up into at presidential palace.

Supporters of two rival factions reportedly brawled at the presidential palace in the capital Kabul. The argument appeared to center on who did the most to secure victory over the US, and how power was divided up in the new cabinet.

The group seized control of Afghanistan last month, and has since declared the country an “Islamic Emirate”. Their new interim cabinet is entirely male and made up of senior Taliban figures, some of whom are notorious for attacks on US forces over the past two decades.

The dispute came to light after a Taliban co-founder, Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, disappeared from view for several days. The argument between the Taliban took place because of the confusion on power division.

Mr. Baradar reportedly believes that the emphasis should be placed on diplomacy carried out by people like him, while members of the Haqqani group – which is run by one of the most senior Taliban figures – and their backers say it was achieved through fighting.

Meanwhile, the powerful Haqqani network is associated with some of the most violent attacks that have occurred in Afghanistan against Afghan forces and their Western allies in recent years. The group is designated by the US as a terrorist organization.

The inter-Afghan dispute might turn into something dangerous that may further escalate the tensions. Speculation remains over the Taliban’s supreme commander, Hibatullah Akhundzada, who has never been seen in public. He is in charge of the Taliban’s political, military, and religious affairs.

Meanwhile, Afghanistan is going through tough times as it revives from the 20-decade long war. However, a strong political strategy is needed to uphold the Afghan government.