Thousands die in protests as coup leaders celebrate Armed Forces Day

Dozens of people have died since the onset of the Coup in Myanmar.

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Dozens of people have died since the onset of the Coup in Myanmar.

Several others died as the Junta marked Armed Forces Day today. At least 60 and more than 90 anti-coup demonstrators have died. The coup leader announced that re-elections will take place soon. However, no schedule was given. The US embassy said security forces were “murdering unarmed civilians.”

It has been several weeks now that the protest is still going on. Coup is employing the use of force on civilians. State TV has warned that the protest may take up the shape of a more serious conflict if not taken seriously.

The anti-coup activists had called for major demonstrations on Saturday, despite the military’s threat to use deadly violence against them.

Security forces were out in strength trying to prevent rallies, particularly in Yangon, where gunshots were fired at the US cultural center. The US embassy said those shots caused no injuries

Deaths were also reported on the streets of the second-largest city Mandalay, as protesters carried the flag of the National League for Democracy (NLD). The protesters are demanding the release of Aung San Suu and also oppose the re-election decision. One journalist told AFP news agency police had used live ammunition against protesters in the north-eastern city of Lashio.

Armed Forces Day commemorates the start of Myanmar’s military resistance against the Japanese occupation in 1945. All the developed countries of the world are observing the happening of Myanmar. The UK, US, and EU all have imposed restrictions due to the military takeover. Russia, in this regard, is the top ally of Myanmar. And is responsible for selling arms to the coup.