Travel should be avoided amid COVID threat – says WHO about Europe

WHO has expressed its concerns over lifting travel restrictions by Europe too soon. 

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WHO has expressed its concerns over lifting travel restrictions by Europe too soon. 

The World Health Organization has said that the threat of COVID is still alive and may reach its peak any time soon. The virus is not eliminated as of yet. Therefore, Europe must keep it in view before lifting the travel ban. 

Weekly official cases in Europe have fallen by almost 60% from 1.7m in mid-April to nearly 685,000 last week with deaths also in decline, the WHO regional director, Hans Kluge, said on Thursday, but incidence rates remained stubbornly high in eight countries.

Furthermore, it said that Europe should not make mistakes that it did last year. Even a single mistake could cause a heavy loss for humanity. Kluge said the B.1.617 variant first identified in India had been identified in at least 26 of the region’s 53 countries, with most cases linked to international travel but onward transmission also now occurring.

The UK variant is in its full bloom and cannot be ruled out considering the destruction it has caused in Brazil and India. But since only 23% of people in the region have received a vaccine dose and only 11% have had both, governments and citizens must continue to exercise caution. The government is vaccinating masses at a high pace. 

WHO, on the other hand, is still researching the new variants and their transmissibility. However, these variants tend to attack the immune system making it weaker to cope with the disease, the organization confirmed.