Tunisia: Curfew imposed and ban on gatherings

Tunisian President has imposed a curfew and banned the gatherings.

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Tunisian President has imposed a curfew and banned the gatherings.

The curfew imposed is for the month to strengthen his grip on North Africa. He dismissed the Prime Minister and suspended parliament.

Tunisians will wake on Tuesday to draconian restrictions including a nationwide curfew from 7 pm to 6 am, and a ban on gatherings of more than three people in public places. The new restrictions, announced by presidential order late on Monday, prohibit the movement of people between cities outside times of curfew, except for basic needs or urgent health reasons.

Tunisia was freed after the Arab Spring revolution and suspended the institutions for the next 30 days. Saied vowed any violent opposition would be met with force. Saied’s actions were denounced as a coup by the country’s main parties, including Islamists. He has rejected those allegations. The US has also criticized the Tunisian government for violating people’s rights. More than 18,000 people in the country of 12 million have died of coronavirus since the pandemic began, overwhelming crumbling public health services and crippling the vital tourism industry.

The military surrounded the parliament and government palace, stopping members of parliament and state workers from entering the buildings, as well as the national television station. Al-Jazeera said police raided its Tunis bureau and expelled staff.

The country was already going through the worst wave of the COVID. And now the country is facing political turmoil.