UAE social media sensation on visit to Pakistan

UAE famous social media sensation Khalid Al-Ameri is on visit to Pakistan as he says that it is a worth visiting country.

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UAE famous social media sensation Khalid Al-Ameri is on visit to Pakistan as he says that it is a worth visiting country.

The Arab-Scottish vlogger, who is known for his day by day recordings on existence with the mantra to ‘bring the world closer’, as of late contacted down in Islamabad and has since taken to online networking to share his perspectives on Pakistan up until this point.

Today, Khalid discharged his first Facebook travel video of his encounters in Islamabad. Inscribed ‘The Truth About Pakistan, Khalid communicated how ‘amazed’ he was about Pakistan. One of the best exercises I have gained from this outing is don’t generally accept what the media informs you concerning a nation or a network, visit for yourself, see with your own eyes and as a rule you will be astounded by the graciousness, excellence and neighborliness you will understanding, the dad of-two said in the video.

Khalid started his video by demonstrating his watchers the focal point of Islamabad and its development as a created city. He additionally conversed with local people around the region to utilize single word to depict Pakistani individuals. Many utilized words, for example, “friendly,” “excellent,” “kind,” and significantly “over-loving. The web based life star wore customary clothing, including what is prevalently known as the ‘Chitrali’ cap, as he proceeded to clarify how a few people outside of Pakistan responded when uncovering his visit to the country. When somebody says, ‘Goodness, you’re going to Pakistan, would it say it isn’t either,’ when have you been there? How would you know, Khalid said.

While tasting on some karak chai, Khalid told his watchers how dazzled he was about the friendliness of the individuals. “Despite the fact that were indicating you the cutting edge Islamabad, there are a few things that are simply ageless that you need to go to its essence.”

He was skilled a chai by a nearby chai wala, who gave Khalid in light of the fact that ‘he is a visitor and more than that from the UAE.’ To this, the Muslim video producer communicated how contacted he was. Khalid then took his watchers on a small scale voyage through Islamabad, from shopping centers, to supplicating in Faisal Mosque, to eating neighborhood kebabs and even to cold peaks. In end to his time in Islamabad, he shared a passionate message.

At the point when I advised individuals I was coming to Islamabad in Pakistan, everybody had their recognition. of what this city would resemble. Be that as it may, I can disclose to you one thing about their observation, it is totally not the same as the truth I saw today.

Khalid and his better half Salama Mohamed, who is frequently observed is his recordings, will likewise be visiting Lahore and Karachi. Khalid has actually delivered a good image of Pakistan as being safe and a good touring place for the world to know. The message of Khalid is expected to affect the entire world in a positive way hopefully.