UK’s 100 richest families to contribute to tackle climate crisis

UK’s 100 richest families have announced to contribute 1 billion to tackle the climate crisis.

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UK’s 100 richest families have announced to contribute 1 billion to tackle the climate crisis.

The UK government has asked the charity foundations to send a letter to the families. It would be a great act on their part and climate has become one of the serious threats of the future. The government demands philanthropist help from the families by contributing a part of their wealth.

The letter says: “We are at a tipping point: without concerted and radical action, the current trends of extreme weather, increasingly hostile living conditions and ailing nature will accelerate.”

The letter has not specified any amount. It is totally up to the families. Even today, 4% of the total charitable money goes for the UK climate and disaster management services. The letter further explains the importance of climate and the rising need to take care of the crisis. It has become every citizen’s duty to contribute and take care of the climate for our future generations.

The letter was organized by the Environmental Funders Network, and signed by the representatives of 14 trusts and environmental organizations, including André Hoffmann of the Mava Foundation; Lisbet Rausing and Peter Baldwin of the Arcadia Fund; the environmentally-focused Ashden organization; and the European Climate Foundation

Many of the recipients, made up of the Top 100 names and families that appear in this year’s Sunday Times Rich List, are likely to have investments or strong connections to high-carbon industries or fossil fuels.

The reason behind asking the rich families to contribute to the climate crisis is that as per research, almost 30% of the waste in the form of carbon footprint is caused from the private jets owned by rich families. It is their responsibility to reduce it as much as possible and within no time.