UN- Afghanistan civilian casualties rise

The UN report has reported that casualties in Afghanistan against civilians have risen.

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The UN report has reported that casualties in Afghanistan against civilians have risen.

Several civilians have been killed in Afghanistan by the attacks of the Taliban. Taliban have started launching offensive attacks against civilians to threaten the Afghan government and forces.

The heavy toll so far comes largely from battles in rural areas, according to the UN. If the conflict were to spill into more densely populated towns and cities, the consequences could be catastrophic, it says in its report, The Protection of Civilians in Armed Conflict.

The country has fallen into the abyss after the rapid drawdown of the US forces. The majority of the places have been captured by the Taliban and it seems that the time is near when the whole of Afghanistan would be under their control.

Nearly two-thirds of the casualties were caused by insurgent groups, including the regional Isis franchise, the UN said. About a quarter were the responsibility of the government and its allies. The others could not be attributed to any group. Women and girls have been particularly badly hit by the violence. Casualties for both groups reached record highs over the six months of the year, a trend the report described as sickening. The most shocking single incident was perhaps an attack on a girl’s school in Kabul in which at least 85 people were killed and more than 200 injured the majority of them schoolgirls.

The UN report has warned the Taliban to end atrocities as soon as possible. Otherwise, a bloody civil war is in waiting.