US allies among targets of NSO malware

Several US were the targets of the Israeli NSO spyware software.

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Several US were the targets of the Israeli NSO spyware software.

Other than the US, many other government officials were targeted by the spyware. This included top officials of many countries. Mostly, the members of the US allies are targeted by the cyberattack.

The NSO group, in past, also attacked many officials back in 2019. Will Cathcart disclosed the new details about individuals who were targeted in the attack after revelations this week by the Pegasus project, a collaboration of 17 media organizations which investigated NSO, the Israeli company that sells its powerful surveillance software to government clients around the world.

Cathcart said that he saw parallels between the attack against WhatsApp users in 2019 – which is now the subject of a lawsuit brought by WhatsApp against NSO – and reports about a massive data leak that are at the centre of the Pegasus project.

The leaks contained tens of thousands of candidates under surveillance. The French president Macron was also under surveillance by the cyber criminals. All the top news agencies have posted about the Pegasus spyware. However, the persons behind these activities have not been mentioned yet. The investigation is still going on.

When NSO’s Pegasus spyware infects a phone, government clients who use it can gain access to an individual’s phone conversations, messages, photos and location, as well as turn the phone into a portable listening device by manipulating its recorder.

The leak contains a list of more than 50,000 phone numbers that, it is believed, have been identified as those of people of interest by clients of NSO since 2016. The cyber software has targeted the conversation of political officials and journalists. NSO has not given the specific information about any such activity.

WhatsApp has also filed a lawsuit against the NSO Company back in 2019 for the involvement in suspicious activity. The case is still going on and has not been decided yet.