US shows Concern over Detentions and Restrictions in IOK

The US department is worried by watching the gross situation of Occupied Jammu and Kashmir, caused by Indian deployed troops.

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The US department is worried by watching the gross situation of Occupied Jammu and Kashmir, caused by Indian deployed troops.

We urge respect for human rights, consistence with legitimate procedures, and a comprehensive discourse with those affected, as indicated by an announcement issued by the office. The US additionally required all stakeholders to look after harmony.

We approach all parties to keep up harmony and strength along the Line of Control,” the announcement read.

As the Indian government’s lock down of occupied Kashmir proceeded for the 25th continuous day on Thursday, several Kashmiris resisted the limitations and rioted in Srinagar and different zones of the contested domain to stage demonstrations against New Delhi.

Indian troops and police personnel utilized brutal force against the demonstrators, harming a considerable lot of them. In excess of 600 protests have been arranged in occupied Kashmir since August 5, when the Indian government, driven by the Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party, renounced the special status of the disputed territory, making ready for outcasts to buy land and settle there, a move planned for changing the demography of the Muslim-majority district.

Indian troops, in their new demonstration of state terrorism, additionally martyred a Kashmiri youth in the Sopore zone of Baramulla area. The youngster was murdered during attack and search operation in the Warpora zone of Sopore.

The occupied valley is under a severe lockdown, forced hours before India illegally acquired the disputed territory. Several Kashmiris have endured wounds in protests since the lockdown was forced as Indian powers utilized teargas shells and pellet guns on them.

The occupied valley has been transformed into a prison for its occupants, who have been restricted to their homes. Patients in a critical condition are not permitted to venture out to medical clinics. Medical stores have come up short on stocks. The occupants are confronting tremendous hardships on account of the intense lack of common life necessities including child food.

Occupants are not notwithstanding being permitted to participate in the burial prayers of their friends and family.

As a result of the limitations, the individuals of occupied Kashmir can’t stock essentials for the winter season. It will bring about countless deaths regardless of whether the time limit is lifted in the later time of the mid-year. The valley stays cut off from the remainder of the world on account of the conclusion of Srinagar-Jammu Highway throughout the winter snowfall.

In an ongoing statement discharged by the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR), human rights specialists approached India to lift the lockdown and correspondence barricade it had forced on occupied Kashmir. They asked India to end what they call it as collective punishment for Kashmiri Muslims.

The experts said they were profoundly worried by reports that security forces were directing night strikes on private homes prompting the captures of youngsters,” the statement read.

Such confinements could comprise genuine human rights infringement. The charges must be completely investigated by the authorities, and, whenever affirmed, those individuals must be considered responsible, the statement further included. We are gravely worried about accusations that the whereabouts of few detainees are not known at all, naming it the offence of forced disappearances, which may multiply against mass captures and limited access to the internet and different communications systems.

With respect to utilization of over excessive force and ammunition, the experts said India had the obligation to utilize minimum force when necessary to control protests. This implies the utilization of lethal force is a measure reasonable only if no other option is left.

Separately, a global advocacy group Genocide Watch issued a caution for occupied Kashmir, approaching the UN to caution India not to commit genocide and crimes against humanity in Kashmir.