Violence in South Africa intensifies

Violence in South Africa has intensified despite the call for calm.

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Violence in South Africa has intensified despite the call for calm.

The protests erupted after former president Jacob Zuma turned himself into the authority for all the accusations claimed against him. President Cyril Ramaphosa has described the deadly violence and protests as unprecedented in the 27 years since the end of the apartheid regime in the country.

The protest has killed at least 10 and injured many. Moreover, almost 750 people have been arrested. Four police officers have been injured. The law enforcement authorities have used rubber pellets to disperse the protesters.

Not just that, but the houses in the areas of the country have been burnt and damaged by the protestors. Several of South Africa’s major highways were blocked. Houses were being looted forcefully taking away all the valuable things. Many businesses and malls were shuttered as a precaution while several false alarms led to the panicked evacuation of several malls in Johannesburg and elsewhere.

No precautionary measures due to COVID were taken care of during the protest.

It was the second successive day the president had addressed the country on the violence, has announced an extension of measures designed to counter a brutal third wave of Covid infections at the weekend.

Zuma’s jailing will further strengthen the moderate and pragmatic faction of the ruling party, and significantly undermine the entrenched networks within the government and South Africa’s bureaucracy loyal to the former leader, analysts say.