Wrestler Brock Lesnar accused of sexual harassment

The WWE star, Brock Lesnar has been accused of sexual harassment.

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The WWE star, Brock Lesnar has been accused of sexual harassment.

Amidst the #SpeakingOut Movement, many wrestlers were attacked by females for harassment and sexual assaults.

Recently, AEW’s Sammy Guevara has been suspended for comments he made about Sasha Banks in 2016. Moreover, many other stars were also suspended for being involved in such acts.

In the wake of the current movement, WWE legend Terri Runnels accused Brock Lesnar of sexually harassing her. Although, the incident took place years before she brought it to the light now. While explaining the incident, she said “I don’t have a lot of respect for Brock, neither he respects his fans.” Moreover, whatever he did was very very wrong.

Narrating the incident she said, Brock showed his genitals to me in the dressing room while calling my name. it is so disrespectful for a female to witness something like that. Also, he knew he has a lot of power to get away with it easily.

Furthermore, “I have respect and what he did was very wrong. And it is wrong from every angle.”

It is not the first time Runnels have opened up about this incident. She recalled it back in 2004 also. Nonetheless, any behavior like that is unacceptable. Fame cannot save these stars from being punished under the law.

The #SpeakingOut movement has disclosed many stars so far. However, the act of Brock and the words of Runnels must not be ignored.