Zoom announces to strengthen developer relationships

Zoom has announced to work on deeper developer relationships with more advancement.

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Zoom has announced to work on deeper developer relationships with more advancement.

It has also introduced new tools to enhance videoconferencing technology. Moreover, it is collaborating with new eco-friendly partners to make tech developments. First, Zoom is making it easier to use its video SDK with a Buy Now option. It will make it easier for the user to make and operate the account.  

The company is also launching The site will enable users to learn more about technological developments. Moreover, the new changes will allow to analyze the performance of the app in the marketplace. They’ll be able to track user & account level subscription counts, active user & active account metrics, API usage volumes, and more. 

“We’ve developed Zoom as an open platform because we want to continue to foster innovation, and allow organizations to build best-of-breed solutions,” Zoom CTO Brendan Ittelson told ZDNet. 

Zoom became famous during pandemic 2020. It became the most demanded application for education, virtual meetings, conferences, etc. By the end of the company’s FY 2021, “Zoom” had become a verb, and its revenue had jumped 326 percent. But as CEO Eric Yuan said in the fall at the company’s Zoomtopia virtual customer event, “Zoom has become more than just a video communication platform.”

Zoom is still not underrated and can still gain momentum in the market with all new launched features.